We’ve designed our orientation program to make your transition to a successful Oakley Owner Operator as smooth as possible. Naturally, there are the standard procedures you’ll find at any company (paperwork, physical exam, drug testing, safety training, etc.).  But we also focus on getting to know you, and vice-versa, so our working relationship is strong and productive from Day One. Better yet, we’ve supplemented our hands-on technical training with a unique Road Trainer Program: For your first few days on the road, an experienced Oakley driver will make his own pickups and deliveries, at the very same time as you – to be nearby and “show you the ropes” for everything from loading and unloading to customer CB Channels.  Giving you all the benefits of a Ride Along trainer without the downside of having someone else in your truck! See below for everything you’ll need for a successful orientation. And if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to call us! (800) 662-0875


Check-in time is Sunday afternoon (Rooms provided during Orientation.)

Holiday Inn Little Rock– Airport:
3121 Bankhead Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72206
(501) 490-1000

OUR ADDRESS (Terminal):
3400 Gribble St.
N. Little Rock, AR 72114
(800) 662-0875


Monday Morning at 7:00.


Be sure to have the following with you when you arrive:

  • Title
  • Bill of Sale
  • Current Registration
  • Current 2290
  • Incorporation Papers (if you are incorporated)



All tractors are required to have a 6″ spot mirror on the right front hood. Oakley will perform an on-site annual truck inspection on all tractors during orientation, repairs will need to be fixed before leaving orientation.


Click on the links below for the items you’ll also need for your division.


DAY 1 (Monday) 

  1. Truck Paperwork
  2. Truck Information & Inspection of New Lessors’ Trucks
  3. Finalize paperwork (2290, Drug Screen, Physical, etc.)
  4. Welcome & Company Overview
  5. Truck Work Orders and decals
  6. Meet Operations Managers. (Manley Denton & Scott Cowden)
  7. Handbook for New Contractors
  8. Occupational Accident & Physical Damage Insurance
  9. Settlements, Turning In Paperwork, Detention Time
  10. Direct Deposit & Trip Pak Information

DAY 2 (Tuesday) 

  1. Safety & CSA
  2. Hours of Service
  3. Post-Accident Information. Drug & Alcohol Testing.
  4. Hazardous Materials Training
  5. Accident Reporting

DAY 3 (Wednesday) 

  1. Trip Sheets & Fuel Taxes
  2. Base Plates & Permits
  3. Meet Management
  4. Sign Leases

DAY 4 (Thursday)

  1. Hook to & Demo on Trailer
  2. Road Test
  3. Meet Your Dispatcher

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